Frequently Asked Questions

We admit that we probably should take the time to type up a super long list of answers to every imaginable question you may have... but that really sounds like a lot of work... and we would all rather be camping! In all seriousness though, our real "FAQ" section is our regular LIVE Scouter meetings through Zoom! So basically, when you have a question, you can simply ask it! Just think of all the time you'll save scrolling through pages of FAQs when that time is better spent camping ;)

We may be able to help you out with some basic stuff though right now:

Questions about registration? Check out our registration page!

Questions about what to expect at camp? We really encourage you to download the 2019 Participant Manual as it will likely answer all of your questions and more! You see, one of the many great things about the Haarlem Jamborette is that it is run every four years in the exact same place with most of the same volunteers running it! This level of consistency ensures a similar camp experience every time, so the 2019 manual will likely be a huge hint as far as what awesome adventures to expect in 2023! The activities will change, the theme will change, but the overall Jamborette experience will forever be the same => awesome!

Read the manual and still have more questions? That's cool, we get it! Just join our Facebook Group and ask away! Joining our Facebook group is also the best way to make sure you don't miss out on our regular Scouter meetings. The meetings are the best as we have several Scouters that participate that are returning to the Haarlem Jamborette, and/or have a wealth of other international experience. The Zoom meetings are really great!