2023 Haarlem Jamborette Registration

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Welcome to the 2023 Haarlem Jamborette registration! You are about to register your group for the adventure of a lifetime in the Netherlands!

How do we register?

The best way to register for the 2023 Haarlem Jamborette is directly from this site! Once you get through all this reading you'll see the "Register" buttons at the bottom. Even if you have already pre-registered directly with the Haarlem Jamborette, please also register below for the Canadian Contingent.

If you have not already pre-registered with the Haarlem Jamborette, don't! The Canadian Contingent already has spots pre-booked for Canadian groups. After you register with the contingent, we will register your group with the team at the Haarlem Jamborette.

What does the Canadian Contingent fee include?

  - Campsite fees for 12 days, 11 nights at the Haarlem Jamborette.

  - 9 activity days at the Jamborette, including a minimum of two days of off-site adventures.

  - Amazing food for the duration of camp (Dutch food is AWESOME!)

  - Wire transfer fees & foreign exchange

  - Transportation to and from the Amsterdam airport

  - Full Canadian Contingent kit

Will additional contingent gear be available?

The contingent gear included with your registration will be at the best possible price (our cost). Additional gear will be available as well for slightly above cost to registered contingent groups. Orders will also be accepted from non-contingent members, but expect the price to be a bit higher. All gear profits will be used to support the Canadian Contingent.

Sounds great... but how much?

The contingent fee is $700 Canadian for groups that register by May 31, 2021 ($775 for groups that register later).

100% of the fees collected will go directly to your camp experience. If we collect a surplus, we'll refund the surplus after camp (just like we did in 2019). Want to see what we're spending money on? No problem! In the spirit of Plan-Do-Review, all our plans and financial reports are available for all groups.

What is the "Emergency Fund" fee?

The "Emergency Fund" is there to protect us against unexpected pricing increases or additional expenses between now and camp. It also offers protection at camp in the event that a group encounters an emergency situation. After camp, the balance of the "Emergency Fund" will be refunded to groups. Scouts Canada encourages groups to ALWAYS build in a 5-10% Emergency Fund when planning any event or camp, but especially major events like jamborees.

Refund Policy:

  • Full refund for any cancellation up to March 25, 2022 (minus $100 administration fee if your cancellation reduces your total participants below the minimum for your deposit);
  • No refunds for cancellations made after March 25, 2022.

How do we pay?

Direct bank transfer is preferred (just contact us for account information), but we can also accept group cheques or even credit card (3.5% service fee applies for credit card payments). We can probably accept Canadian Tire money if you're in a jam...

Uh Oh... Sure are a lot of Canadians Coming!

Hey everyone, as we have discussed in our presentations, the Haarlem Jamborette is very careful to keep the size of the camp small while maximizing the international experience. In order to accomplish this, the team at the Haarlem Jamborette is forced to cap the size of any one country's contingent.

So how do we determine which Canadian groups get to attend? Well first of all, no preference will be given to groups who directly register with the Haarlem Jamborette - the Canadian Contingent is managing Scouts Canada's participation in the event, so registering on our system (this website that you are on) is what's important.

The Registration Priority will be as follows:

  • All groups that have paid their deposit by March 15, 2021 will be prioritized by the date they registered on our system (not by the date their deposit was received)
  • After March 15, 2021 groups will be prioritized based on the date their deposit is received by the Canadian Contingent.

To be perfectly honest the extreme Canadian enthusiasm and rapid early registration has caught everyone a bit off guard, so we are all doing our very best to balance the needs of all the Haarlem Jamborette participants with the dreams of our Canadian Scouts.

When you register below you will be put on a WAITING LIST to attend as we are very near maximum capacity. Don't lose hope though as we likely have groups that are currently registered just to "save their spot in line". I recommend that you go ahead and register and hope for the best! We'll know for sure if we can get you on the trip in the next 6-8 weeks at the longest.

Click the appropriate button below to begin your registration for the 2023 Haarlem Jamborette!

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Are you already registered?

If you are already registered, you can log in here to update your registration information!


Patrol & Group Information

Please tell us a bit more about your patrol and your Scouting group.

Group Name:

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Group Contact Person

Who will be the primary contact person for all the patrols being registered from the Scouting Group? You will have the option on the next screen to give us a separate contact person for the patrol if needed.


MyScouts.ca Membership ID:

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Patrol Details

Patrol Name:

Please enter the participants from the Patrol based on the section they will be in at the time of the Haarlem Jamborette in August 2023


Venturer Scouts:

Rover Scouts:


Total: 0 youth + 0 Scouters

There is no specific minimum or maximum number of youth or Scouters in a patrol (aside from Scouts Canada's "Duty of Care" guidelines). Include all the youth and Scouters from your group that will be camping together as one patrol. Only register additional patrols if you want your group split up at camp in different areas of the Haarlem Jamborette.

Would you consider welcoming other youth in to your patrol? Some youth will be registering for the Haarlem Jamborette even though their own Group isn't attending. These youth need a home! Any chance you'd be willing to consider helping them out? We won't hold you to it!
Sure, why not?
    Sorry, we cannot

Complete Registration

Welcome to the 2023 Haarlem Jamborette!

Thanks for joining our 2023 Haarlem Jamborette team! Your youth are now on their way to an adventure of a lifetime!

Please forward your deposit, your spots are not confirmed until your deposit has been received and processed.


Deposit of $888 can be paid by group cheque to "Scouts Canada" and mailed to:
Scouts Canada – 2023 Haarlem Jamborette
C/O Jason Nault
37 Junction Rd
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
A2A 1K5

Please write "2023 Haarlem Jamborette: -" in the comments area of your cheque.

We can also accept payments by direct bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. Please contact us to make other payment arrangements.

Click here to see a copy of your invoice.

Payment Schedule

Just a reminder, here is the payment schedule moving forward:

  $888 due by May 31, 2021

  Additional $350/person due by May 31, 2022
    ($425/person for groups that don't qualify for early discount)

  Final balance due by November 30, 2022

Total cost is $700/person for participants who register and pay their first deposit by May 31, 2021 (After May 31, 2021 the cost is $775/person).

Refund Policy:
  - Full refund for any cancellation up to March 25, 2022 (minus $100 administration fee if your cancellation reduces your total participants below XX. If you still have at least XX registered, there is no administration fee);
  - No refunds for cancellations made after March 25, 2022.

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Waiting List for the 2023 Haarlem Jamborette

Unfortunately the current demand has outpaced our availability and we do not have sufficient space for your group at this time.

DON'T PANIC JUST YET as we are working on increasing our site space to accommodate your group! We saved all your information and have added you to our waiting list.


If space becomes available, you will need to pay a deposit of $888 ($-3,520.00/person x 88) to confirm your spots.

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