Get Ready for the 2023 Haarlem Jamborette!

"Experience the Haarlem Jamborette with over 3000 international scouts in the recreational area of Spaarnwoude, close to Amsterdam, Haarlem and the North Sea. Ten days full of great Scouting activities, meeting new friends from more than 25 different countries, and of course fun festivities in between to remember forever. You can’t miss this camp for scouts aged 10 – 17 years old in the summer of 2023! You can block 5 August 2023 – 16 August 2023 in your calendar, because these 10 days the 14th edition of Haarlem Jamborette 2023 will take place! It’s 2023 before you know it!"

     - Haarlem Jamborette Website (

Who Can Attend the Jamborette?

The Haarlem Jamborette program is designed for Scouts and Venturer Scouts (10-17 at the time of camp). That said, the Jamborette team is very flexible on age. They trust Scouters to make the best call for your youth. If you have a youth that is a year too young, but has a lot of experience Scouting and is eager to go, it's no problem! Same goes with a Venturer that accidentally turned 18 a few months too soon. If you still feel like a Venturer, git r' done!

For Rovers and Scouters, you can either apply for the Canadian Contingent Team or you can contact the Haarlem Jamborette directly to apply for camp staff (International Service Team)

What Can we Expect at the Haarlem Jamborette?

Still a long time to go before we get the full camp plan, but the team at the Haarlem Jamborette has been working on and meeting regularly since the end of the last Jamborette! The team spends a full four years planning this event as most of the camp staff (OOS) returns every camp!

We can give you the general idea though - you will LOVE this camp! Check out our favourite Haarlem Jamborette videos from the last three events!

If you prefer reading about stuff, check out the 2019 camp plan for ideas on what to look forward to!

International Travel with Scouts?!?!

Hey, we get it! The thought of taking Scouts on an international adventure can be a bit daunting, but don't worry! The Canadian Contingent team is here to make it as easy as possible for you! Payment for the Haarlem Jamborette will be processed through the contingent so you can pay in Canadian funds by simple bank transfer (or cheque). We'll take care of getting the money to Europe!

Worried about the dreaded paperwork? We take care of that as well! The Canadian Contingent will be responsible for getting National approval and will have a Tour Permit issued. We'll complete all the forms you need and in the end, all you'll need to do is your usual AAF and to collect permission forms!

If the thought of dragging all your camping gear to the Netherlands is holding you back, don't worry as we can help you with that as well! We will be assisting groups with shipping, but the best option for most groups will be to just rent gear in the Netherlands. We can help you make all the arrangements and you can pay the contingent in Canadian funds instead of a European wire transfer.

Is your Dutch a bit rusty? That's okay! The camp is run entirely in English! Even while you're away from camp you won't need to rely on Google Translate as most youth and adults in the Netherlands speak fluent English! (and German... really, the schools in Europe are pretty awesome!)

Most importantly, the contingent team will be available for regular meetings so you can ask all your questions face-to-face! Don't worry about sifting through endless newsletters, instead you can just ask us! On our regular Scouter calls, you will also have access to many Scouters who attended the previous Haarlem Jamborette, and you can benefit from all their experience as well! We are a team, and we will succeed as a team!

How Are Groups Organized?

Your group will be entirely self-contained within one of the four sub-camps. There are no specific minimum or maximum participants (assuming there is space left as the camp sells out every year). Your campsite size is based on the number of participants in your group. The Jamborette team prefers groups to run with a 1:8 Scouter:youth ratio; I understand that with international travel, you will likely want a good deal more Scouters than that! For our group, we aim for a 1:4 ratio. If you bring extra Scouters it's all good, but you will be expected to spare a few Scouters to help the camp staff every day your youth are participating in on-site actives. Helping is super fun though, you'll love it!

Can I Attend Without a Group?

The short answer is "no"... however, if a youth or Scouter is really excited to attend but can't talk their group into going, just contact us and we'll help! We can help you try and convince your group, or we can put the word out to other Canadian groups and see if anyone can adopt you! So don't give up, let us help :)

Only 12 Days at Camp?! We Want More Europe!

There are SO MANY amazing opportunities for pre-camp or post-camp adventures! The vast majority of the expense is just getting to Europe; once you're there you might as well make the most of it! The Contingent Team has volunteers available to help your youth plan the perfect pre or post camp trip for your group.

Another option would be join us on our optional contingent pre-trip "Tour of Honour" which will allow youth to experience the WWI and WWII battlefields and memorials through France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Plans are still underway, but expect to experience the World War II Museum in Caen, France, Juno Beach, Dieppe, Beaumont-Hamel, Vimy Ridge, the Menin Gate, the battlefields of Passchendaele, Tyne Cot cemetery, and Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery in the Netherlands. The pre-camp will be ~5 days.

We took our Scouts & Venturer Scouts (ages 10-17) on a similar tour in 2015, and from experience, it will be an experience that will change everyone forever. Even more powerful is the transition from the Tour of Honour to the Haarlem Jamborette. These young people sacrificed everything for the freedom of strangers, and the Haarlem Jamborette is the ultimate example of world peace in real life. Youth and adults from across the world camping, playing and living together in peace. Want to know what the soldiers fought for? This. They fought for this. Lest we forget.

Check out our Tour of Honour page for more information!

Totally Interested! ...but How Much Will it Cost?

As with all major trips and jamborees, the answer is never a simple one as there are early discounts and all that fun stuff. Take a quick spin over to our Registration Page for all the financial details! How much, when to pay, etc, etc